For Lovers of East Wind Lobster

I’m a huge fan of East Wind Lobster & Grille, and I have been my whole life. They have some of the freshest fish I’ve ever eaten, purchased daily from local fishers. Established in 1991 right on the Buzzards Bay Marina, East Wind is a fixture for any Millennial (or even Gen X) who grew up on or near the Cape.

I bought this domain as kind of a tribute to East Wind and all the good memories I’ve made there over the years. And, while I’ve since moved away from Massachusetts, I fancy myself a bit of a seafood connoisseur. I grew up in Sandwich (yes, it’s an actual town) amongst lobstermen and all other types of fishers. My older brother grew up to start his very own lobster company, which has proven to be very beneficial in my life as a Midwestern transplant. He sends me live lobsters occasionally, which means I get to recreate the dishes I grew up eating with my dearest friends and family. The seafood isn’t as good or as fresh out here as it is in New England, but I’m extraordinarily lucky to have family working in the industry who send me their catches. (I’ve still gotta pay the shipping fee, though!)

If you’re visiting this site, you’re likely to find a hodgepodge of things. First, I’ll post updates about East Wind whenever they come – new general managers (we love you, Jean!), new owners, new locations. But the majority of this content will include blogs about various lobster and seafood things – my experiences with getting lobster shipped to me, how to make the best dang lobster roll at home, and my favorite types of fish and shellfish. If we have any overlapping interest, I’d really appreciate anyone who wants to bookmark this site. There’s much more to come!